If any of my fellow congoers are staying at Homewood Suites let me know! We can have a pool party or something.

My fellow congoers: if you see me at the con, feel free to call out my username or real name and if I hear you I’ll totally be down for a hug or bro hug or high five or whatever.

I mean, you shouldn’t make it a habit of doing that cuz a lot of people are uncomfortable with it, but just know I’m cool with it.

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the older i get the more important cartoons are to me

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Kumoricon Lineup

I don’t have a fancy picture post, but here’s my official lineup for the con:

Day 0 - whatever I feel like. Casual clothes or Rigby or Phi, probably.

Day 1 morning (Friday, until 1pm-ish) - Phi, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

Day 1 (Friday, 1pm-all day?) - RED Medic (Meet the Medic version with bloody waistcoat and no jacket, part of small group), Team Fortress 2

Day 2 (Saturday) - Rigby (sorta human/anthro, with The Power and I’m Eggscellent hat), Regular Show

Day 3 (Sunday) - Sylveon (festival yukata gijinka, part of a group of ALL the Evees), Pokemon

Day 3 (Sunday, ball) - Enderman (Enders-miss lolita, going with madam-buffalo's Enderman), Minecraft

Day 4 (Monday) - Enderman (see ball), Minecraft

I may not switch to Medic if madam-buffalo can’t find the rest of her Scout cosplay in time because I don’t wanna leave my bff behind… (really hoping she can find it, though, because I know it’s one of her favorite cosplays)

And yes, I will be posting pics when I get pics, don’t worry.

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After a day of frantically trying to finish up cosplays before Kumoricon, (I’m still not done, should be able to finish up tomorrow I hope!) I’m relaxing with gummy bears and peanut butter cups. Mmmm.

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The best thing about having a new phone is having enough memory to play my GBC and GBA emulators. I’ve been playing Fire Emblem which I never got to play when it came out.

I’ve also been trying a lot of Pokemon hacks. Although I think calling them hacks is a bit of a disservice because a lot of these have wonderfully original stories and locales even if they don’t have totally original Pokemon/sprites/assets. I downloaded a lot I haven’t played yet, but I definitely need to recommend Pokemon Glazed! and Pokemon Ash Gray. The former has gorgeous maps and is really cute and fun, and the latter is basically the anime in game form. Dialog is taken directly from the dub and I’m both giddy and embarrassed that I completely recognize and can hear all the lines in my head exactly. The map is altered to look more like things do in the anime and to include anime locations and it’s awesome.

I’ll give some more a try and might do some mini-reviews on which games are worth playing and which can be skipped… If anyone can recommend some good hacks (I’d love to play some creepypasta-based ones if anyone knows where to find roms) I’ll give ‘em a try. Also, try the Pokemon Sage rpg maker beta! It’s not finished yet, but it’s got original Fakemon and a great feel and is worth playing what’s available so far!

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Why Good Anime Is Hard To Make - if you appreciate the sentiment,SHARE THE VIDEO and spread the word!

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The fact that my cat keeps climbing all over everything and making noise probably isn’t helping…

I did the thing where I stayed up just a little past the point when I was really sleepy and now I can’t sleep.

I’d ask people to Skype with me or text me or whatever, but I forgot my Skype password…

I keep seeing posts saying stuff about seeing dogs across the street and wanting to play with them/let them jump on you, but some of us are actually really terrified of the thought of that. Like dogs are cute, but if a dog runs/jumps/barks at me even if they have the friendliest of intentions I freak out.

Just a psa, not everyone is cool with dogs wanting to play with them…



no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


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