How I clean my room:


•start at one corner
•find something from 5 years ago and stare at it nostalgically for 10 hours
•go to bed

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halloween asks, yes please

  • A: What are you being for Halloween this year?
  • B: Favorite costume from past Halloweens?
  • C: Do you still go trick or treating?
  • D: Top 3 favorite scary movies.
  • E: Top 3 non-scary Halloween movies.
  • F: Do you watch Halloween specials on TV?
  • G: What was your first Halloween costume?
  • H: Would you ever wear a "sexy" Halloween costume?
  • I: Most ridiculous "sexy" costume you've seen?
  • J: Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go trick or treating?
  • K: Favorite candy to find in your trick or treat bag?
  • L: Candy or other goodies that make you want to cut a bitch when someone gives them to you?
  • M: Any Halloween traditions?
  • N: Have you ever been tricked on Halloween?
  • O: Costumes: make or buy?
  • P: Have you ever pulled a Halloween prank?
  • Q: Do you believe in ghosts?
  • R: You're in a horror movie. Are you the final girl, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one, or the killer?
  • S: You're in a zombie apocalypse. What's your weapon of choice?
  • T: Costumes: scary, sexy, or funny?
  • U: You're a ghost. How do you spend Halloween?
  • V: Trick or treating: how old is too old?
  • W: Do you pass out candy on Halloween?
  • X: Do you go trick or treating even when it's raining?
  • Y: Top 3 favorite scary stories/books.
  • Z: Trick or treat?

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TuT this game is reminding me how much I love ALL the Persona kiddos. I can’t wait for Persona Q to come out!

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"The Voice Someone Calls" is playing in the background in story mode and I got the biggest grin on my face. All the P3 stuff in this game is giving me chills~

Ffff chieknope I think you may have been on to something when you were speculating that Ikutsuki had something to do with this game… (at least, I really hope he does…)

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Ken has grown like a foot, but judging by his voice he still hasn’t hit puberty…

Ugh I love this game so much already, though.

I’m at a coffee shop actually drinking coffee (which I’m still trying to not find gross) before work and I’m strongly tempted to take a selfie, but that’s not really the kinda person I am. X’D




Are you ready for Freddy Foxy?

I was making this costume with the intention of having it done for Halloween, but I got my ass in gear and managed to have it (mostly) done for today at Edmonton Expo!

I frightened more than a couple children.

W O W that’s amazing 


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So you want to make an OC?: A Masterpost of Ways to Create, Develop, and Make Good OCs!

i made this masterpost in hopes that it helps you in making your own OCs ah;; it can also apply to developing RP characters i suppose! if you’d like to add more resources then go for it sugar pea (´ヮ`)!

How to Write Better OCs:

Character Development:


Mary Sue/Gary Stu







again, this is to help inspire you or help establish your OCs! i hope you get a lot of info and help from this ahh ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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A commission by silvardepoch. Souji and Minato in a Twin Peaks inspired “Red Room” setting. Well, Velvet Room.

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Fact: This is a first person shooter.

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On this day, September 29, the first episode of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! dub aired. This opening takes me back to times I tune in to Kids WB to watch this.

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